PostBeta - Games, Portals, Artwork and Consultancy

PostBeta is a development studio specialized in online entertainment such as visualization, artwork, animation, online games, game portals and consultancy on any of these topics. Whether your are interested on an educational or business level PostBeta will gladly help you.

Our goal is to create the optimal online product by reaching target groups through interactive creative and fun means. Working closely with our clients and combining our experiences enables us to focus on getting maximum results.

PostBeta's contribution:

  • Millions of people have played our games.
  • Thousands of people visit our portals daily.
  • Developed more than 50 online games.
  • Collection of over a 1000 premium-hand-selected games for portals.
  • Years of experience in artwork, games and portals.
  • Experience in the whole cycle of development from inception to release.
  • Experienced in the full spectrum of online gaming(games, advertisement, portals).