About PostBeta

PostBeta is a brand new studio built on years of experience. Our team is small. We have worked together for several years producing casual games. The time was right to start for ourselves so we can set our own creative limits. Our strength derives from our combined and complementing forces. This results in great casual games and inspirational game graphics. We focus on the future of our company by making great online games, illustrative artwork, (interactive) animation, action sites, online campaigns, cross media solutions and provide tailor made solutions for our clients.


With a bachelor degree in Media and Design technology and after a period of freelancing as an illustrator/animator, Harmen started working at an online gaming company as a game artist. Here he was infected with the gaming virus and exposed to the endless artistic possibilities within the universe of gaming. Harmen loves to work on illustrative art, character designs and animations. Best case scenario these all come together in sparkling games.


With a bachelor degree in computer science (software engineering to give body to his technical skills). Mike was able to continue his journey in making digital visual interactive products such as games. Games have been a great passion since his teenage years. Creating games is like a dream come true. Mike has already developed games for various companies and platforms such as a game for the console, healthcare/physiotherapy, and web games.