Free games for your website

Free games for your website. You can download these games for free and use them as they are on any website you own. If you would like a game with your branding, with or without advertisements just let us know and we will work out a customized version for a fee as small as $89 US dollars (depending on modifications).

---------------------------------------------------------- Free Apps ----------------------------------------------------------

Flux Flow - Innovative puzzle game

Flux Flow takes place inside the multiverse, the darkness of the void as drained systems of their Flux. It is up to you to travel through various systems each with their own dangers and restore the life energy of the galaxies residing inside these systems.

Hopscotch - FREE popular playground game

A game for all ages which is easy to understand but difficult to master. Enjoy the standard game mode or play one of the many new and enhanced modes that have been add to make the game even more fun.

Dice Roll Multi - The free dice roller

A dice roller app with all the popular types of die. Will you cast the dice and have them roll on your lucky number? Handy for when you go travelling and you would like to bring some dice. Every player can use his or her own app, or let the app roll multiple die.

BFGF - A boyfriend/girlfriend matcher

Play the ultimate Boyfriend/Girlfriend (BF/GF) test game. Enter the name of the two loved ones and find out what it has to say about this relationships phase of love. Feel free to try it out on others you know such as your friends or their friends and beyond.

Turret Showdown - Defence game

Command this turret and hold your ground in two different game modes. Play Normal mode in wich you evolve over levels and waves of enemies or play King of the hill mode in which you can use your maximum upgraded turret to survive as long and as many waves of enemies as possible.

Memory Matcher - Memory type game

Play memory matcher for free and enjoy an old pastime game made digital for mobile devices. In the family friendly memory game you have to recognize faces and match them correctly. Have a great time playing this family memory matcher game.

Best Friends Forever - Match calculator game

The ultimate Best Friends Forever tester. Enter your name and the name of your friend and find out if you are best friends forever. Also try it out on family members or even different friends you know. Happy testing!

Pietify - Sinterklaas en Zwarte Piet

Turn any face on a photo into the infamous 'Zwarte Piet' from the national dutch tradition of the Saint Nicolaas. Download this Free Android App here.

Christmas Ball Shooter - Match 3 puzzle game

Play Christmas Ball Shooter the perfect free match 3 game for the holidays. In this game you have to match 3 or more of the same Christmas bells to score points. Match as much bells together as possible and receive bonus points. The more points you score the better.

World Cup Matching - Bubble shooter type game

One amazing and fun world cup soccer game. Have fun playing a matching puzzle game like bubble shooter. Except it being juiced over by the countries playing in the world cup.

Is love forever - Match calculator game

Find out if the love between two loved ones is meant forever in this lovely love game! All you have to do is enter the names of two persons in love or persons with maybe a spark or two. Finally find out what "Is love forever" has calculated for these lovers? Feel free to try it out on your friends or their friends and beyond.

---------------------------------------------------- Free Flash Games ----------------------------------------------------

Find me

Find me is a puzzle game in which you have to match as many given objects within a time limit of 60 seconds. Good luck!

Egg Match Bunny

Easter Bunnies have been send out to gather eggs for Easter. Will you help a hand and match the Bunnies with the eggs they need.

Egg Matcher

An Easter themed match 3 game all about eggs. Enjoy this Easter bubble shooter game by matching the colorful eggs.

Vivid Racers

Take part in the Vivid Racers amazing tournament. The grid and its colors will guide you along the track of darkness.


Enjoy a good quick game of FourPlay also known as 4 in a row. Play against the computer and find out if you can beat it.

The Pit

Play the pit and survive the epic darkness. After falling into the pit your last task is to survive the dangers all around you.

Love Matcher

Love matcher is a puzzle game which combines the best of memory with matching features. Try to score as many love couples as possible.

Proteus Defense

You are the next in line cybernetic android Proteus. Upgrade and defend against waves of enemies who want you destroyed.

Clickazoid 2

Clickazoid 2 is the sequel to the popular clickazoid online puzzle game. This time more levels, shapes and dynamic challenges to win.

My Sushi Quiz

My Sushi quiz lets you undergo a sushi analysis. Play this tasty sushi quiz and find out what your sushi personality is today.

Christmas Ball Shooter

Christmas ball shooter is a christmas holiday variation to the popular game in which you have to match 3 of the same colored items.

Winter Solitaire

A solitaire game to keep you entertained while enduring the winter season. Have fun while playing a game of winter solitaire. You can even try to set the highscore.

Know your trivia

Enjoy Trivia at its best. Topics ranging from zoology to earthly riches. Play all the available topics and set the highscore. Good luck.


Clickazoid is a brand new type of puzzle game in which you have to combine shapes of the same type, the bigger your two shapes the more points you score.

Halloween: Pumpkin Matcher

Pumpkin matcher is a great seasonal match 3 game. Play a fun and sweet Halloween puzzle game. Trick or treat?

Solitaire matcher

A great solitaire game in which you have to match cards by the same number. Great fun to keep you entertained for a long time.

Know your jewels

Do you know a girls best friend? Will you also recognize many of the other precious earthly riches? Play know your jewels.


Play Stickyball the online physics game in which you have to clear the room by matching the sticky balls of the same color.

Is love forever

Find out if the love between two loved ones is forever in this lovely love game! Click and play Is love forever?
Android App

Know your celebrities

Play this awesome celebrity quiz games. Will you recognize celebs like Justin Bieber and Paris Hilton?

Know your fruit

The quiz about fruit is finally here and not just about any fruit like an apple or a peach. No no it contains exotic fruit like dragon fruit and such. Play the quiz now and set an exotic highscore.

Know your pets

A quiz about one of the joys in our families, our cute pets. Playable by all ages. Will you recognize all the pets in the pictures and set a new highscore? Enjoy the cutest pet experience.

Know your countries

A great looking quiz game about recognizing the borders of countries. This game is for all ages and contains highscores and awards. Be sure to check out this top notch quiz game. Maybe your own country is in it?

Best friends forever Fellowship test

The greatest and sweetest online best friends forever(BFF) fellowship test. Enter the names of you and your friends and find out if you are best friends forever. Try it out on all your friends.


Sweety is a cute hairy organism who loves fruit. Launch Sweety to the fruit in this physics game. Watch out for those urchin.

Skid racers 2

The sequel to the most amazing slot racer game on the internet. It is fast, full of action. Has a tournament, and a track editor.

Where is Ella

Join Ella on her exclusive travels. Follow the stories and spot her in different scenes. Play for highscores included.

Bubble dropper

Bubbles are dropped from the top in this fantastic underwater themed bubble shooting puzzle game. Highscores included.

Best friends forever tester

The ultimate best friends forever tester. Enter the names of two friends and find out if they are best friends forever.
Download or Android App

Are you a Republican

A fun and political quiz game but not too serious. Politics are a major topic in the world. Today you can find out if you belong to the republicans. Play the quiz and find out what todays outcome brings you! Start the game.

Heart Matcher

A match 3 plus game all about hearts. Love has finally touched the bubble puzzle genre games. Get a highscore for love at any time now.

Le Tour Du Jour

Play the Tour de France simulation online in this cycling race game. It will take all the routes the famous cyclist do. It goes all around beautiful France. What are you aiting for step on that cycling bike.

Bubble Matcher

A great aqua themed bubble match 3 plus game. Contains worldwide highscore integration for the kings and queens of bubble shooters. This game is for all ages and a great way to pass time.

Horse Bet Racing

Horse racing is an equestrian sport that has a long history. Which dates back to the ancient Babylon and Egyptian cultures. This time you can put some virtual currency on it.

Girl Room Defense

While lovely Luzzy slept at night the green toy soldier army invaded her room and took it over. They extracted almost all the color from the little girl her room. Before all hope is lost Luzzy has one more chance to restore her cute girl room. Use the perfume turret to stand a change against the toy soldiers.

Celeb Dressup Popstar Bruno

Dress up the music star Bruno and save the results on your computer or just print them out. The famous and fashionable people dress up game you would like to play everyday. A exciting dress up game just for you!

Celeb Dressup Popstar Justin

Dress up the popstar Justin and save the results on your computer or just print them out. The famous and fashionable people dress up game you would like to play everyday. A fun dress up game just for you!

Dressup Wizard Emma

Dress up Emma Watson and save the results on your computer or just print them out. The famous and fashionable people dress up game you would like to play everyday. A fun dress up game just for you!

Ella at the harbour

In this adventure Ella is going to visit some friends at their boat in the harbour. Today is there is an annual event which ends with a great party at the docks.

Formula 11 micro

Play formula 11 micro racing game. It is fast, full of action and tracks across the world. Multiple racecars to unlock and boosts on the tracks. Will you set the new highscore?

Moto X Jump

The most jumpy and dirty moto-x racing game on the internet. It is fast, full of action on many tracks and with multiple different motocross bikes. Step on that motor bike.

Ella at fantasy castle

Ella is taking a trip to the fantasy castle of her dreams. Will you join her adventure? Spot her in every picture and set a highscore.

Skid Racers

The most amazing slot racer game on the internet you can find. It is fast, full of action on many tracks.

What disaster are you

A disastrous and stylize quiz game for everybody who has always wanted to know what natural disaster is in her or him. The quiz determines your daily disaster personality. Play the quiz and find out what your daily disaster is! Start the game.

Fashion City

A Fashionable and stylize quiz game you would like to play everyday. It's all about fashion cities around the world. Play the quiz and find out what todays city fashion suits you the best!

Ella at the festival

Ella is going to a great out- and indoor festival today. Will you accompany her in this musical story?

Color Blocking

Play around with the latest fashion trends. This summer it's time for color blocking style. Sort those colors.

Fashion Planet

A daily quiz game you come back for. Take the test and see what fashion suits you the best today!

The Stand

Funny looking zombie shooting game, take down as many zombies as you can. In each level you get another chance to set the highest score. How long will you survive?

Ella at anniversary

Ella is visiting the party of her grandparents wedding anniversary. In this story she is eating, dancing, chatting and more. Travel with Ella through the story and find her on the different pictures.

Ella at the beach

Ella is going on a nice beach trip today and would like to see you come along. Would you like to experience her story and spot her on the pictures?

------------------------------------------------------------ Unity ------------------------------------------------------------

Yak Attack!?

In YakAttack you enter the 4 player arena and start bashing and crashing for your life. Stay alive and become the sole survivor while avoiding the deathly elements cast upon the playing field, eliminating your friends and foes.