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August 01, 2020

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Anti Air: a VR homage to the best of retro gaming. Descent into battle on distant planets and combat the Alien invasion called the Cubicon Conjunction. Use your weaponry to blast these invaders from the sky before they crash onto your base.

How many space Cubicons will you take down?


Anti Air: is a VR homage to the best of retro gaming.

As the Cubicon Conjuntion begins, descent to various planets across the galaxy and blast away the Cubicon invaders. For the Cubicons it is not just a matter of cubes, it is about life and death.

Use a variety of advanced weaponry to battle these Alien invaders. Resist waves of different Cubicon invaders which enter the planet's troposphere from the outer space. Their goal is to eradicate everything on the planet, starting with you – the planet's first line of defense and its last chance.

Select a planet to save and get your weapons ready. Bring enough ammunition with you to the ground, as this might be the last chance to preserve that planet in the universe.

Protect the various planets in the galaxy from the elusive and vicious attackers. They will send their best warriors in different formations to outwit your every move.

Enjoy this unique competitive Virtual Reality (VR) Arcade game.
How many space Cubicons will you take down?

High score options:
- Play locally on your computer with friends and set a high score in the ingame local high score list.
- Or play the game and compete for an online high score on the Steamworks Leaderboard.


  • Two game modes; Campaign & Arcade.
  • Compete against other players in the Arcade mode to become the number one player.
  • Blast around with a variety of weapons.
  • A seated VR experience.
  • Uniquely crafted bosses that have to be destroyed piece by piece until there is nothing left.
  • Multiple environments with a retro vibe.
  • Containing both casual and 360 degrees fast-action-paced gameplay.
  • Dynamically generated waves of enemies resulting in a diverse arcade experience.

Where did the idea for the game come from?

Having grown up with a lot of the old retro games, these games are a big inspiration. For some or more reasons my childhood experiences left a strong ingrained impression and the essence of these revive at the surface of my thoughts regularly, especially when it comes to video game development.

Some of the games that are a big inspiration for Anti Air have been Missile Command where you have to shoot down missiles from a central location, another game is Space Invaders for its variety of enemies and strong iconic/artistic characters. Centipede and Asteroids have also been a great sources of inspiration since they show breakable enemies/obstacles that intensify the player its situation and when engaging them, they increasingly intensify the situation.

Discontinue has been the first VR title I developed, it was like tipping my toe into Virtual Reality(VR) game development. After that experience this idea originated of bringing retro gameplay features to VR, and develop a homage to retro gaming on this new technology/platform. Hence the birth of Anti Air.

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Reviews & Quotes

В гостях у Джо link
"So the hour has come when the aliens attacked the Earth. Your task is not to let them capture us, and powerful guns, which have already been waiting for you, will help you in this."

Gaming Grandma link
"Anti Air веселый и динамичный шутер с прикольной графикой. Геймплей нас забросит на далекие планеты на которых мы будем сражаться с пришельцами. Крутые уровни и весьма отличная сложность."


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