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June 10th 2019

PC Windows

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Discontinue is a new retro room-scale VR Arcade Game. And it's all about disc throwing in a Neon/Synthwave style ambience. Use your Disc throwing action skills to set a high score in more than a thousand levels. Compete against friend and foe to set the new high score.

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Discontinue is a unique competitive Virtual Reality (VR) Arcade game. The ultimate disc throwing video game experience. With a retro neon game style also called Synthwave or cyberpunk style. Your goal is to survive in a world of obstacles, where you are welcomed as its champion. As you move through this world, you will encounter all kinds of hexagons, which can be helpful or injurious.
The world consists of more than a thousand levels (a.k.a. parkour's), each generated through a seed which you can share with a friend or a foe to compete for the high score. Adding to the replayability.
Every seed generates a unique parkour by combining various handcrafted phases. These phases are displayed as tunnels or arenas and are seamlessly connected in many different orders and variations. All to create fast action paced gameplay mixed with more relaxed puzzle-like or transitional phases.
Tunnels are all about dodging and speed, whilst in the arenas you focus on standing your ground and defeating all obstacles in your way.
The various phases combined are designed to provide a rich and impactful sci-fi experience full of new VR action.
Are you up for this challenge?

High score options:
- Play locally on your computer with friends and set a high score in the ingame local high score list.
- Or play the game and compete for an online high score on the Steamworks Leaderboard.


  • One player
  • Two handed VR
  • Room-scale VR
  • Multiple Synthwave/cyberpunk style environments
  • Containing both casual and fast-action-paced gameplay
  • Survive Tunnels filled with danger
  • Battle in many different generated Arenas
  • Level select with over a thousand levels/parkour's
  • Leaderboards - Each level having its own high-score list
  • Virtual Reality Arcade Game
  • Enjoy tranquil ambiences
  • Localized in multiple languages
  • LIV integration
  • *Steam online leaderboards
  • *Steam online achievements

Reviews & Quotes

Excellent-Reviews link
"Discontinue has an epic arcade style graphic where you need to do some disc throwing and dodging. If you like those retro graphics the game is perfect for you. Soundtrack is awesome! ★★★★★"

Virtual Reality Manual Book link
"Discontinue is a fun VR combination of disc throwing & parcour/dodging, players have to throw the disc accurate in order to clear the path in front of you, the game offers a stunning amount of 8192lvl"

VIVE VR link
"Surprisingly fun VR competitive disc throwing game that has you destroying laser towers and clearing obstacles. Has a Demo to try before you buy!"

Gaming Grandma link
"Экшен от 1-го лица для VR в атмосфере тотального киберпространства - очень классно реализована визуальная составляющая, чувствуешь себя внутри компьютерного организма, сам геймплей тоже классный."

Chocola's Reviews link
"𝒩𝓎𝒶❤ - Dodge bullets, obstacles & throw chakrams everywhere, just like Xena. Game feels really polished and has an awesome soundtrack. This game will give you a proper workout with over 8k levels."

VR Sunday link
"A great game, cool throwing mechanics, very appealing art style: Kinda Retro (Tron) looking. There are a few minor things that can be improved but overall solid title. Just don't throw your remotes ;)"

VR Forever link
"Cool old school arcade game. The gameplay is super basic but it works great. And it's a pretty good workout."

Review VR link
"The game is difficult but fun! The neon aesthetic and music work well together. My Valve Index controller didn't line up exactly but I am sure this will be fixed. Good stuff!"

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