Consultancy and education

If you are interested in gaining more knowledge about subjects surround online games and portals. We can offer you more insight into various topics. You can also enjoy gaining more information by undergoing a workshop about the different subjects.


Gain more knowledge about what games can do for your company. What makes a good game? How can games contribute to my new or existing campaign/product line? What technology should I use for my games? What audience am I trying to reach? If you are searching for answers regarding these or similar questions? Don't be a stranger and please get in contact.


Do you have questions regarding an existing game portal or would you like to add a game portal to your current portfolio but would love to gain more information regarding possibilities, what software to use, should I add social features and more questions. If so please get in contact with PostBeta and find the answers to your questions.


Would you like to gain more knowledge and "how to's" on distributing one or more of your fantastic games. Get in contact and find out what possibilities lie ahead of you to get your game out there with your targeted audience. Some questions you might have that can be answered are: what methods are out there to distribute my game(s), how can I reach my target audience, how long will distribution take, and more similar questions.


Learn more about method to implement advertisements into your games or how games can be used as advertisement content to strengthen campaigns. Learn more about what game features contribute to your brand experience and what game targets which audience.

Marketing / SEO

Learn more about how games can contribute to your search engine optimization(SEO), how games can represent your brand and how effective games can be for link building. Also learn to connect your audience to your brand by means of interaction and positive thoughts.

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